October 2022 – Technical Talk

October 2022 – Technical Talk

Speaker: Andy Dyke, Business Development Manager, HiSeis

Title: Recent Technical Advances in Seismic for Hard Rock Mineral Systems

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Time: 4:30pm to 5:30pm PST

Locations: This talk will be held both in-person and virtually via Zoom.

Room 111, 409 Granville St. Vancouver BC, V6C 1T2

Via Zoom. Link will be distributed via our newsletter prior to the talk.

Andy left Leeds University, UK in 1988, with a BSc (Hons) in Geological Sciences and an urge to travel and see the world. Geophysics and specifically seismic technology as an exploration method was the natural fit to satisfy his thirst for global adventure.

Andy spent 24 years with Schlumberger, enjoying postings in the UK, Libya, South Africa, USA, Venezuela, Australia and not forgetting Canada. After this he spent 5 years with TGS Canada in a variety of offshore and onshore multi-client project development roles.

Andy is currently the North American Business Development Manager with HiSeis, a hard rock seismic specialist company, with HQ in Perth, Australia.

HiSeis are striving to showcase hard rock seismic technology to the North American mining market and Andy is currently accomplishing this from Calgary, Alberta. Seismic is an underutilized tool in the mineral exploration space and Andy is focused on helping hard rock explorationists both understand and utilize its unprecedented benefits.

Seismic for hard rock imaging of the subsurface has changed since you tried it last time or heard about it last time or maybe (for you) there wasn’t even a last time. The aim of my talk will be to explain what has and what is changing both from a design and acquisition standpoint and the types of products that can be extracted from new and vintage seismic datasets alike. I will show examples of the following 5 key talking points from the HiSeis’ portfolio of 100+ worldwide projects.

  • Design – Feasibility and Modeling for de-risking new seismic surveys.
  • Acquisition – Efficiency, Footprint and Cost reduction in Canada
  • Processing – Improving shallow resolution and steep reflector imaging using recently developed Depth Imaging workflows.
  • Interpretation – Automated Fault modeling with ML & Geobody modeling identifying geological features not picked up easily by the human eye.
  • Rock Properties – Geostatistical Inversion – combining seismic and drilling to go beyond just reflective boundaries and provide key lithology probability outputs.

I believe that the surface seismic technique has a significant future in BC for aiding exploration, ore definition, drill targeting and mine planning. By the end of my talk I hope the examples I have shared will have shown you why

A recording of this webinar is available on our Youtube channel.

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