Scholarship – KEGS Foundation

The BCGS Scholarship is funded by BCGS, but generously administered by the KEGS Foundation. These awards are provided each year to one or two undergraduate or graduate students studying geophysics in British Columbia. 

For details about opportunities, and application forms, please visit the KEGS Foundation website at


Congratulations to this year’s recipients of BCGS Scholarship and other KEGSF awards, adjudicated by the KEGS Foundation Scholarship program.

Year Name University Award
2023 Ishtpreet Kaur BSc, UBC BCGS Scholarship
2023 Christina Rutherford BSc, UBC BCGS Scholarship
2023 Princess Cosalan MSc, SFU WAMIC award
2023 Parth Pokar MSc, UBC KEGS-F award
2023 Mehek Mathur BSc, UBC KEGS-F award

Scholarship awards: Christina Rutherford – BCGS scholarship, (Francis Jones, Scholarship coordinator), Parth Pokar – KEGS-F award, (Ross Polutnik, chair/treasurer). Other awardees will hopefully join us for a BCGS event sometime in the new year.


Previous BCGS scholarship awardees:

Year Name University
2022 Vanessa Yau BSc, UBC
2022 Sarai Jireht Montañez Muñoz MSc, SFU
2021 Vanessa Yau University of British Columbia
2021 Victoria Pereversoff University of Victoria
2020 Taylor Josephy University of Victoria
2020 Elena Savidge University of Victoria
2018/2019 Ian Grundy University of Victoria
2018/2019 Meghan Sharp University of British Columbia
2017/2018 Meghan Sharp University of British Columbia
2017/2018 Kevin Fan University of British Columbia
2016/2017 Cedar Hanneson University of Victoria
2016/2017 Erica Owen University of Victoria
2015/2016 Matthew Griffiths UVIC
2014/2015 Benjie Friedman UBC
2014/2015 Philip Fortin UBC
2013/2014 Philip Fortin UBC
2012/2013 Jeremy Gosselin UVIC
2011/2012 Benjamin Kary UBC
2010/2011 Jennifer Fohring UBC M.Sc.
2009/2010 Jennifer Fohring UBC
2008/2009 Greg Nash UBC M.Sc.
2007/2008 Alexandra Kushnir UBC
2006/2007 Mohammad Maysami UBC


Other KEGS Foundation scholarship recipients from British Colombia in previous years:

Year Name University
2022 Mehek Mathur University of British Columbia
2020/2021 Luhong (Amy) Lu University of British Columbia
2020/2021 Annika Naylor University of British Columbia
2020/2021 Andrea Kyfiuk University of Victoria
2020/2021 Ethan Whitelaw University of Victoria
2019/2020 Antonina Calahorrano SFU Ph.D.
2019/2020 Anna Diederichs University of Victoria M.Sc
2019/2020 Angelene (Pei) Leow University of British Columbia
2018/2019 Samantha Sam UBC
2016/2017 Gustavo Avendano UBC
2015/2016 Gustavo Avendano UBC
2015/2016 Collin Paul University of Victoria
2013/2014 Nathan Corcoran UBC M.Sc.
2013/2014 Sarah Devriese UBC M.Sc.
2013/2014 Seogi Kang UBC M.Sc.
2013/2014 Michael Mitchell UBC M.Sc.
2012/2013 Emily Tess Baker UBC
2012/2013 Hakim Shukri UBC
2010/2011 Conrad Koziol UBC
2008/2009 Eric-Martial Takougang SFU
2006/2007 Alexandra Kushnir UBC
2005/2006 Grace Ma UBC
2005/2006 Andrew Schaefer UBC
2003/2004 Crystal Rae UBC
2002/2003 Jamin Cristall UBC
2002/2003 Scott Napier UBC
2001/2002 Andrew McNeil UBC
2001/2002 Josh Moncrieff UBC
2001/2002 Karen Weitemeyer UBC
2000/2001 Chad Hewson UBC