Guidelines for geophysical drones

Drones are emerging as an important new platform for deploying geophysical measurement systems. They permit highly efficient, no-contact surveying at very low elevations, at very slow speeds, and at locations that are difficult or dangerous to access.  

There are relatively few geophysicists with expertise in both the geophysical aspects, and the jurisdictional aspects of deploying surveys using rotary or fixed wing drones. This is why the folks at Drone Geoscience LLC have prepared and maintain a website providing guidelines for using drones for geophysics. See also:

Drone in air with sensor.
Geophysics drone demo.

At the BC Geophysical Society, this growth in interest was recently recognized as a priority for geophysicists, so a two day workshop was organized for May 2022. See our Resources page for a booklet with workshop speakers’ abstracts, and a recording of the seminar sessions, as well as other downloadable material (some restrictions apply).