Summer Internships Awardees

Congratulations to the 2023 and 2022 internship award recipients. Here are names and a few words from each reflecting the impact of this small contribution towards bridging academic and professional life.

2023: Sophie de Nonancourt, B.Sc. Earth and Ocean Sciences UBC, 5th yr.

  • Worked for Frontier Geosciences

2022: Jamie Byer, B.Sc. Geophysics, 3rd yr – UBC

  • “The internship helped me find my first industry job, and I am excited to continue working there once I graduate!”
  • “This job was very in line with the sort of work I was hoping to find. I enjoy the intersection of programming and geoscience …”
  • “Helping with the development of Jupyter notebooks to accompany Geoscience ANALYST software.”

2022: Mehek Mathur, B.Sc. Geophysics – UBC, 3rd yr.

  • “…it was great to be able to offset the costs of buying field gear, especially considering this was my first summer of fieldwork …”
  • “…. worked on IP, CSAMT and mag surveys around the province, mostly in northern BC.”
  • “… really appreciated the opportunity to get out in the field and get an idea of the exploration industry …”
  • “… It was also very helpful to be able to contextualise some of the information I learn in my classes with real life experiences.”

2022: Samuel Ndegwa, M.Eng. Geological Engineering – UBC

  • … award was instrumental in giving me skills in geophysics and strengthened my understanding of geoscience.”
  • Goals include: “… gain critical skills and competencies in Geology/Geophysics, including seismic interpretation, geophysical inputs to stratigraphy and 3DGeocellular static modelling.

2022: Chukwuma Iluyemi, B.Sc. Geophysics, Astronomy Minor , 3rd yr. – UBC

  • Using the award, I was able to purchase the necessary field gear and supplies that were instrumental in helping me succeed during my last fieldwork jobs to Merritt, BC and will no doubt serve me well during future expeditions.
  • Being able to experience fieldwork with the necessary preparations helped in my career development through gaining relevant industry experience unencumbered by happenstances due to ill preparation.

Past Recipients of the BCGS Industry Internship Award:

Year Name University Employer
2023 Sophie de Nonancourt UBC Frontier Geosciences
2022 Mehek Mathur UBC C.J Greig & Associates
2022 Jamie Byer UBC Mira Geoscienc
2022 Chukwuma Illuyemi UBC SJ Geophysics
2022 Samuel Ndegwa UBC Frontier Geosciences
2021 Fanny Deschenes Vancouver Island University DIAS Geophysical
2021 Jarod Rideout UBC Discovery Geophysics / DIAS Geophysical
2021 Jonathan Walcot University of Victoria Ideon Technologies
2020 Knut Lokken Vancouver Island University Frontier Geosciences